Olga Borschukova

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We have recently demonstrated that the rheumatoid arthritis (RA) shared epitope (SE) acts as a ligand that triggers nitric oxide (NO) signaling in opposite cells. Given the known pro-oxidative effect of NO and the proposed role of oxidative stress in the pathogenesis of RA, this study explores whether SE-triggered signaling can increase cellular oxidative(More)
The core shell of hepatitis B virus is a potent immune stimulator, giving a strong neutralizing immune response to foreign epitopes inserted at the immunodominant region, located at the tips of spikes on the exterior of the shell. Here, we analyze structures of core shells with a model epitope inserted at two alternative positions in the immunodominant(More)
Previous studies have shown that the progression of hepatitis B virus-related liver disease in long-term immunosuppressed kidney transplant recipients is associated with the accumulation of virus variants carrying in-frame deletions in the central part of the core gene. A set of naturally occurring core protein variants was expressed in Escherichia coli in(More)
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