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BACKGROUND The popularity of microsatellites has greatly increased in the last decade on account of their many applications. However, little is currently understood about the factors that influence their genesis and distribution among and within species genomes. In this work, we analyzed carnivore microsatellite clones from GenBank to study their(More)
BACKGROUND The RPS4 gene codifies for ribosomal protein S4, a very well-conserved protein present in all kingdoms. In primates, RPS4 is codified by two functional genes located on both sex chromosomes: the RPS4X and RPS4Y genes. In humans, RPS4Y is duplicated and the Y chromosome therefore carries a third functional paralog: RPS4Y2, which presents a(More)
Tissue-specific regulation of LPL has been widely studied in rats. Previous studies reported that in vivo administration of adrenaline and acute stress cause an increase in plasma LPL activity coinciding with a decrease in white adipose tissue (WAT) LPL activity. We studied the speed of LPL activity changes during 30 min of stress by immobilization (IMMO)(More)
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