Olga Altergot-Ahmad

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Endometrial epithelial cells are known to undergo apoptosis during trophoblast invasion. We postulate that the cell surface molecule Syndecan-1 which is expressed on endometrial cells and syncytiotrophoblast is important for implantation in general and especially for induction of maternal cell apoptosis during trophoblast invasion because Syndecan-1's(More)
Early molecular interaction between embryo and mother, involving chemoattractants, especially chemokine CXC-motif ligand 1 (CXCL1)(2), determines the pregnancy outcome. So far nothing is known about the signalling cascades of CXCL1 expression in human decidua. The aim of the study was to identify signalling cascades mediating the CXCL1 expression in human(More)
Successful implantation of the embryo into the human receptive endometrium is substantial for the establishment of a healthy pregnancy. This study focusses on the role of Syndecan-1 at the embryo-maternal interface, the multitasking coreceptor influencing ligand concentration, release and receptor presentation, and cellular morphology. CXC motif ligand 1,(More)
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