Olga A. Romanova

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Panicum miliaceum (broomcorn millet) is a tetraploid cereal, which was among the first domesticated crops, but is now a minor crop despite its high water use efficiency. The ancestors of this species have not been determined; we aimed to identify likely candidates within the genus, where phylogenies are poorly resolved. Nuclear and chloroplast DNA sequences(More)
Waxy mutants, in which endosperm starch contains ~100% amylopectin rather than the wild-type composition of ~70% amylopectin and ~30% amylose, occur in many domesticated cereals. The cultivation of waxy varieties is concentrated in east Asia, where there is a culinary preference for glutinous-textured foods that may have developed from ancient food(More)
We compared the structure and mechanical properties of scaffolds based on pure collagen, pure chitosan, and a mixture of these polymers. The role of the composition and structure of scaffolds in the maintenance of cell functions (proliferation, differentiation, and migration) was demonstrated in two experimental models: homogeneous tissue analogues(More)
We apply the generalized Jordan sets techniques to reduce partial differential-operator equations with the Fredholm operator in the main expression to regular problems. In addition this techniques has been exploited to prove a theorem of existence and uniqueness of a singular initial problem, as well as to construct the left and right regularizators of(More)
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