Olga A Mirgorodskaya

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A method for quantitating proteins and peptides in the low picomole and sub-picomole range has been developed using matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry (MALDI-MS) with(More)
Chronic imbalance between production and degradation of the human amyloid-beta peptide (Abeta) is assumed to play an important role in pathogenesis of Alzheimer's disease (AD). Post-translational(More)
The primary structure of three major cationic peptides from porcine neutrophils has been determined. The sequencing was made by the combined use of electrospray ionization mass spectrometry and Edman(More)
The dimerization constants for glycopeptide antibiotics vancomycin, ristocetin, and eremomycin and nine semisynthetic eremomycin derivatives were determined by the electrospray ionization mass(More)