Olfa Mzoughi

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There has recently been increasing interest in using advanced computer vision techniques for automatic plant identification. Most of the approaches proposed are based on an analysis of leaf characteristics. Nevertheless, two aspects have still not been well exploited: (1) domain-specific or botanical knowledge (2) the extraction of meaningful and relevant(More)
Structuring the search space based on domain-specific vocabulary (or concepts) is capital for enhanced image retrieval. In this paper, we study the opportunities and the impact of exploiting such a strategy in a particular problem which is the leaf species identification. We believe that such a solution is promising to reduce the effect of the high(More)
Leaves of plants can be classified as being either simple or compound according to their shapes. Compound leaves can be seen as a collection of simple leaf-like structures called leaflets. However, most computer vision-based approaches describe these two leaf categories similarly. In this paper, we propose a new description and identification method for(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE With constant incentives for healthcare payers to contain their pharmaceutical budgets, modelling policy decision impact became critical. The objective of this project was to test the impact of various policy decisions on pharmaceutical budget (developed for the European Commission for the project 'European Union (EU) Pharmaceutical(More)
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