Olfa Harzallah

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OBJECTIVES To analyze demographic, clinical and genetic features of Behçet's disease (BD) in Tunisia and to compare them with other ethnic and geographic groups. METHODS Two hundred and sixty patients with BD (International Study Group criteria) received in the Department of Internal Medicine of the University Hospital La Rabta in Tunisia, from 1987 to(More)
INTRODUCTION Takayasu arteritis (TA) is a chronic vasculitis of unknown origin, affecting mainly the aorta and its main branches. As a result of the inflammation, stenosis, occlusion or dilatation of the involved vessels may occur and cause a wide range of symptoms. It has been described in association with various auto-immune disorders (mainly inflammatory(More)
PURPOSE Behçet's disease (BD) is a multisystemic inflammatory disease characterized, on the one hand, by the frequency of benign mucocutaneous and articular manifestations, and on the other hand by the severity of ocular, neurological, vascular and digestive manifestations which may threaten functional or vital prognosis. The male BD predominance is obvious(More)
The association between lack of thyroid hormones and cardiac dysfunction has been well described. We report two new cases of patients with dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM), revealing a periphery hypothyroidism and for whom cardiac function significantly improved after L thyroxin substitutive treatment. Our cases highlight the necessity to perform thyroid(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the oxidant/antioxidant status in Behçet's disease (BD) patients and the potential link between antioxidant enzymatic defences impairment and the disease duration, activity and severity. METHODS 40 BD patients (27 males, 13 females; mean age: 38.8 years) were prospectively enrolled in the study and compared to a sex and age matched(More)
Renal amyloidosis (RA) is known to be one of the many complications of Behcet's disease (BD) but its frequency has been often underestimated. In this paper, we report on three cases of RA in a series of 105 patients with BD. RA was clinically suspected in our patients by the presence of edema and/or hypotension. The nephrotic syndrome was present in all of(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the subclasses and the immunophenotypic profile of peripheral mononuclear cells in patients with Behçet's disease (BD) and to assess associations between the expression of HLA-B51 antigen and that of other cell markers. Thirty healthy volunteer blood donors and forty patients with BD were enrolled into this study.(More)
CONTEXT Autoimmune pancreatitis is a particular type of pancreatitis of presumed autoimmune etiology, it is an entity distinct from all others forms of chronic pancreatitis, characterized by clinical, histopathological, radiographic, serologic and therapeutic features. This benign disease resembles pancreatic carcinoma both clinically and radiographically.(More)
Gougerot Sjögren syndrome is rare during childhood. Diagnosis in adult patients is usually based on sets of criteria combining clinical, serological, and salivary gland histopathological findings. In the pediatric age group, clinical manifestations might be different from the adult form. We report on 3 cases of childhood Gougerot Sjögren syndrome.