Olfa Gharsallah

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The cultivation of rice, one of the most important staple crops worldwide, has very high water requirements. A variety of irrigation practices are applied, whose pros and cons, both in terms of water productivity and of their effects on the environment, are not completely understood yet. The continuous monitoring of irrigation and rainfall inputs, as well(More)
About 90 % of the global rice production takes place in Asia, while European production is quantitatively modest. Italy is the Europe’s leading producer, with over half of total production concentrated in a large, traditional paddy rice area in the north of the country. High irrigation requirement for continuous flooding encourages the adoption of water(More)
Use of th e gen etic algorith m for th e optimal operation of mu lti-reservoirs on deman d irrigation system. In : Lamaddalena N. (ed.), Bogliotti C. SUMMARY-This study presents the application of a Genetic Algorithm (GA) model developed for computation of the optimal supply hydrographs in on demand irrigation systems aimed at the optimal regulation of the(More)
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