Olfa Dridi

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  • Olfa Dridi
  • 2008
In order to solve the problem of information overkill, current information retrieval systems need to be improved. Much more ldquointelligencerdquo should be embedded to search systems to manage effectively search, retrieval, filtering and presenting relevant information. This can be done by ontology driven information retrieval, which is considered as one(More)
Description: This book describes the potentialities of metaheuristics for solving production scheduling problems and the relationship between these two fields. For the past several years, there has been an increasing interest in using metaheuristic methods to solve scheduling problems. The main reasons for this are that such problems are generally hard to(More)
—This study will discuss the capacitated vehicle routing problem with simultaneous pickup and delivery in a cross– docking environment. The transportation system includes three levels in the supply chain management:(1)Suppliers, (2)Retailers, (3)Customers. This paper addresses the CVRPCD, where a set of homogeneous vehicles are used to transport products(More)
The assignment and scheduling problem is inherently multiobjective. It generally involves multiple conflicting objectives and large and highly complex search spaces. The problem allows the determination of an efficient allocation of a set of limited and shared resources to perform tasks, and an efficient arrangement scheme of a set of tasks over time, while(More)
The resource-constrained project scheduling problem is a general scheduling problem which involving activities need to be scheduled such that the makespan is minimized. However, the RCPSP is confirmed to be an NP-hard combinatorial problem. Restated, it is hard to be solved in a reasonable computational time. Therefore, numerous metaheuristics-based(More)
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