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System Engineering (SE) is becoming increasingly knowledge intensive. Knowledge Management is recognized as a crucial enabler for continuous process improvement in engineering projects. Particularly, capitalization and sharing, of knowledge resulting from experience feedback are valuable asset for SE companies. In this paper, we focus on the formalization(More)
System Engineering projects are characterized by knowledge intensive processes. Creating effective Knowledge Management Systems is one of the key success factors in engineering process improvement. In this paper, we focus on the knowledge modeling issue. Our main objective is to provide a semantic description for knowledge items created and/or used in(More)
System Engineering (SE) projects encompass knowledge-intensive tasks that involve extensive problem solving and decision making activities among interdisciplinary teams. Management of knowledge emerging in previous SE projects is vital for organizational process improvement. To fully exploit this intellectual capital, it must be made explicit and shared(More)
To date, healthcare organizations need well-established knowledge to support care quality. Managers invest in motivating medical staff and associated healthcare stakeholders to share their respective knowledge. Additionally, they invest in advanced technology to facilitate sharing process. However, these efforts essentially raise classification and privacy(More)