Olesya Ogorodnikova

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This article is devoted to the problem of human’s security and safety at the time of any interaction with robots. We already discussed robot system reliability in previous paper, now we emphasize the role of attention and human awareness with respect to the robot’s performance in vicinity. We analyzed human’s cognitive and physical abilities in ambient(More)
Safety is a major concern in many complex robotized systems especially when the task implies collaboration between human and robot with the workspace sharing. In this research a theoretical representation of the integrated safety monitoring system is introduced. The monitoring system is modeled as a separated unit which decision making mechanism is based on(More)
Robots are an inevitable part of the future industry. Their increased utilization will result in increased productivity, safer work environment and very helpful in human daily life. However, their successful implementation will only happen if their use will only benefit and not harm the human. That is why it is crucial to take into consideration safety(More)
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