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A cloud on-line service “Green Wave Traffic” called the Intellectual Road Infrastructure (IRI) is proposed to monitor and control traffic in real-time mode through the use of traffic controllers, RFID cars, global satellite navigation and positioning (GPS, GPRS) in order to improve the quality and safety of vehicle movement, as well as for(More)
This article describes high-speed multiprocessor architecture for the concurrent analyzing information represented in analytic, graph- and table forms of associative relations to search, recognize and make a decision in n-dimensional vector discrete space. Vector-logical process models of actual applications, for which the quality of solution is estimated(More)
This paper offers high-performance technology for processing Boolean equations, based on compiler synchronized parallel-processor network-based logic device PRUS (programmable unlimited systems) - single-bit spherical multiprocessor, implemented into ASIC. This technology allows to perform parallel, sequential and pipelined Boolean equations processing(More)
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