Olena Nedukha

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The influence of microgravity on the susceptibility of soybean roots to Phytophthora sojae was studied during the Space Shuttle Mission STS-87. Seedlings of soybean cultivar Williams 82 grown in spaceflight or at unit gravity were untreated or inoculated with the soybean root rot pathogen P. sojae. At 3, 6 and 7 d after launch while still in microgravity,(More)
Plants grown in spaceflight conditions are more susceptible to colonization by plant pathogens. The underlying causes for this enhanced susceptibility are not known. Possibly the formation of structural barriers and the activation of plant defense response components are impaired in spaceflight conditions. Either condition would result from altered gene(More)
  • O M Nedukha
  • 1997
It was established early that the signs of accelerated aging of both plant leaves and of moss chloronema were observed in seedlings of high plants and in Funaria hygrometrica protonema under long term growing under weightlessness. It was observed the structure changing of photosynthesizing cells in Arabidopsis thaliana, Epidendrum radicans and Pisum sativum(More)
Callose plays an important role in fragmoplast formation at cytokinesis and differentiation of pores in the phloem, as well as within the courses of microsporogenesis, functioning of stomata closure cells, and protection of plant cells from biotic and abiotic stresses. Special attention is given to consideration of callose functions and its synthesis.(More)
The study of the influence of weak, alternating magnetic field, which was adjusted to the cyclotron frequency of Ca2+ and K+ ions, on the fusion of tobacco and soya protoplasts was carried out using the extra apparatus with ferromagnetic shield. An increase in the frequency of protoplasts fusion in 2-3 times and participation of calcium ions in the(More)
Calcium ions are secondary messenger in numerous cellular processes of plant grown at 1 g. Ca2+ are connected with oxygen atoms, of pectin carboxy groups and/or with H(+)-groups of protein (Roux and Slocum, 1982; Hepler and Wayne, 1985). The influence of altered gravity on the calcium balance in some cells is established. The increased synthesis of ethylene(More)
The effect of long-term clinorotation on potato minituber formation and the structural-functional organization of storage parenchyma cell in minitubers has been studied by using methods of organ culture in vitro, light- and electron microscopy, biochemistry as well as phenological observation. It was established some acceleration of growth, changes in the(More)
The major purpose of these experiments were to investigate growth of potato storage organs and starch synthesis in minitubers at slow horizontal clinorotation (2 rpm), which partly mimics microgravity, and a secondary goal was to study the activity and localization of phosphorylase (EC in storage parenchyma under these conditions. Miniplants of(More)
A comparative analysis of the cellular ultrastructure and pigment content of both underwater and above-water Sagittaria sagittifolia leaves was conducted by means of the method of transmission electron microscopy and spectrophotometric analysis. Considerable distinctions of the S. sagittifolia ultrastructure, photosynthesizing cells of underwater leaves in(More)
The goal of our work was a role of phosphorylase (EC. in starch accumulation in plastids of storage parenchyma cells in potato minitubers forming under clinorotation. An increased enzyme activity under the influence of simulated microgravity has been revealed by using the biochemical and electron cytochemical methods. The obtained results suggest(More)