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Guiding the spacecraft docking process requires the use of sensors that estimate the relative position of the two vessels. This task is complicated by the widely variable on-orbit illumination. To combat this, controllable docking cameras are augmented by computer-controlled illuminants. But how should these illumination and capture parameters be controlled(More)
Docking craft in space and guiding mining machines are areas that often use remote video cameras equipped with one or more controllable light sources. In these applications, the problem of parameter selection arises: how to choose the best parameters for the camera and lights? Another problem is that a single image often cannot capture the whole scene(More)
To perform as desired in a dynamic environment a vision system must adapt to a variety of operating conditions by selecting vision modules, tuning their parameters, and controlling image acquisition. Knowledge-based (KB) controller-agents that reason over explicitly represented knowledge and interact with their environment can be used for this task;(More)
The change of triglyceride composition in seeds of certain plants of the Cucurbitaceae family and Taraxacum officinale during ripening was studied by HPLC. A small decrease in the content of palmitic derivatives in Cucurbitaceae seed oil and a questionable change of the triglyceride composition of T. Officinale seed oil were found. Data for the triglyceride(More)
To maintain a desired level of system performance in a dynamic environment, a vision system must be able to adapt to a wide range of operating conditions by tuning the parameters that control its multiple processing stages, choosing which vision modules to connect together, and controlling image acquisition. Knowledgebased controllers that reason over(More)
Relative analysis and relative incremental analysis, which can substantially simplify the determination of anthocyanidine glycosides without using standards, were used to determine anthocyans from plant materials by reversed-phase HPLC. The compositions of anthocyans from several plants grown in Belgorod district were investigated.
Red-blue coloration of the flowers and fruits of plants and the products of their processing is due to anthocyanins (anthocyanidin glycosides) and anthocyanidins [1]. Reliable analytical monitoring of the content of these substances makes it possible to solve various problems including that of determining adulterated drugs. Using HPLC with appropriate(More)
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