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Using a magnetic Frederiks transition technique, we measure the temperature and concentration dependences of splay K1, twist K2, and bend K3 elastic constants for the lyotropic chromonic liquid crystal sunset yellow formed through noncovalent reversible aggregation of organic molecules in water. K1 and K3 are comparable to each other and are an order of(More)
The surface alignment of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals can not only be planar (tangential) but also homeotropic, with self-assembled aggregates perpendicular to the substrate, as demonstrated by mapping optical retardation and by three-dimensional imaging of the director field. With time, the homeotropic nematic undergoes a transition into a(More)
Conformation of macromolecules and interchain interactions determine spectral properties of conjugated polymers (CP). An achievement of spatial confinement of isolated chains is one of the routes to use this feature of CP for their purposeful usage. In the present work, CP/O300 nanocomposites based on CP - poly(p-phenylenevinylene) and(More)
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