Oleksandr Nesterov

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EXTENDED ABSTRACT The Shuffled Complex Evolution (SCE-UA) method has been widely applied for calibration of rainfall-runoff models and has been shown to be robust and efficient search algorithm. In spite of its superiority, since many commonly used rainfall-runoff models have large simulation times, the use of model calibrating algorithms may become(More)
With shrinking device sizes, controlling domain formation in nanoferroelectrics becomes crucial. Periodic nanodomains that self-organize into so-called 'superdomains' have been recently observed, mainly at crystal edges or in laterally confined nanoobjects. Here we show that in extended, strain-engineered thin films, superdomains with purely in-plane(More)
Ufibrate (150 mg daily) was found to have a beneficial effect on main parameters characterizing lipid metabolism, with no effect being exerted on carbohydrate metabolism, as evidenced by three months' follow-up of 24 patients aged 42 to 65 presenting with insulin-nondependent type II diabetes mellitus and hyperlipidemia. Ufibrate appeared to be a most(More)
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