Oleksandr Malik

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Laser scanning technology is one of the most integral parts of today's scientific research, manufacturing, defense, and biomedicine. In many applications, high-speed scanning capability is essential for scanning a large area in a short time and multi-dimensional sensing of moving objects and dynamical processes with fine temporal resolution. Unfortunately,(More)
Studying time-dependent behavior in lasers is analytically difficult due to the saturating nonlinearity inherent in the Maxwell-Bloch equations and numerically demanding because of the computational resources needed to discretize both time and space in conventional finite-difference time-domain approaches. We describe here an efficient spectral method to(More)
A novel conception of practical applications of non-equilibrium processes in illuminated metal-oxide-semiconductor capacitors is presented. It is shown that the time dependent variations of the displacement current in such capacitors, biased in strong inversion condition by a functional voltage generator, is the basis of the new transducers. Triangular or(More)
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