Oleh Y. Yermakov

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Spin angular momentum is a fundamental property of the propagating optical waves. In this work, we reveal a possibility of the continuous transition from the transverse spin angular momentum as for the conventional surface plasmon-polariton to the longitudinal spin angular momentum as for the left and right circularly polarized bulk electromagnetic modes.
We reveal the existence of a new types of surface electromagnetic waves supported by hyperbolic metasurface, described by a local diagonal anisotropic conductivity tensor. We present a comprehensive analysis of the dispersion and the equal frequency contours of surface waves propagating along hyperbolic metasurface. We demonstrate that the spectrum of the(More)
We show that surface plasmon polaritons (SPP) localized at anisotropic conductive interfaces possess a number of unique features. The interface is described as a two-dimensional current distribution of zero thickness by using a conductivity tensor. The dispersion of such SPP consists of two branches of hybrid TE-TM polarized modes. We reveal that, in(More)
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