Oleg Veryovka

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We present a method for frame coherent texturing and hatching of 3D models with a discrete set of colors. Our technique is inspired by various artistic styles that use a limited set of colors to convey surface shape and texture. In previous research discrete color shading was produced by modifying smooth shading with a threshold function. We extend this(More)
One of the common goals of Non-Photorealistic Rendering is to emphasize or highlight particular image attributes by using different rendering styles. In order to do this often other information such as depth, surface or lighting information is incorporated into the rendering process. Most halftoning techniques try to preserve particular image attributes(More)
P rocedural modeling is finally going mainstream. Until recently it was a boutique solution, used only when no other options existed. Now procedural modeling is often the cost-effective solution, used because the alternatives are too expensive. In film, games, and other applications, consumers expect richer, higher-quality digital content for their dollar.(More)