Oleg V. Shishkin

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We report the results of the first comprehensive DFT study on the d(A)3·d(T)3 and d(G)3·d(C)3 nucleic acid duplexes. The ability of mini-helixes to preserve the conformation of B-DNA in the gas phase(More)
Tautomerism and resonance-assisted hydrogen bonding have been analyzed on the basis of the results of ab initio calculations at the MP2/AUG-cc-pVDZ level of theory for the series of molecules(More)
The degree of aromaticity of six-membered monoheterocycles with IV-VI group heteroatoms (C(6)H(5)X, where X = SiH, GeH, N, P, As, O(+), S(+), Se(+)) was analyzed using the results of ab initio(More)