Oleg V. Sozinov

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Betula humilis is an endangered plant species in Central Europe. In order to protect this species, it is necessary to document its genetic diversity in this region and to identify areas for conservation prioritisation. As molecular investigations conducted throughout the ranges of many plant species have shown that the highest genetic diversities are found(More)
The probability of population extinction seems to differ within the species range. Populations occupying former glacial refugia could harbor substantial genetic resources, hence they should be less prone to extirpation. It was hypothesized that the shrub birch Betula humilis could have survived the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) at the current southwestern(More)
Outcrossed mating systems play a very important role in the persistence of endangered, self-incompatible plants such as shrub birch, Betula humilis Schrk. The goal of this study was to estimate, for the first time, the effectiveness of sexual reproduction in threatened edge and sub-central populations of shrub birch. The amplified fragment length(More)
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