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Two-dimensional (2D) compounds provide unique building blocks for novel layered devices and hybrid photonic structures. However, large surface-to-volume ratio in thin films enhances the significance of surface interactions and charging effects requiring new understanding. Here we use micro-photoluminescence (PL) and ultrasonic force microscopy to explore(More)
The aggregation of amyloid-β peptides into protein fibres is one of the main neuropathological features of Alzheimer's disease (AD). While imaging of amyloid-β aggregate morphology in vitro is extremely important for understanding AD pathology and in the development of aggregation inhibitors, unfortunately, potentially highly toxic, early aggregates are(More)
We report the self-catalysed growth of InAs nanowires (NWs) on graphite thin films using molecular beam epitaxy via a droplet-assisted technique. Through optimising metal droplets, we obtained vertically aligned InAs NWs with highly uniform diameter along their entire length. In comparison with conventional InAs NWs grown on Si (111), the graphite surface(More)
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