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We studied the dynamics of in vitro maturation of bovine oocytes, the efficiency of asynchronously matured oocytes as recipients for the generation of embryos produced by nuclear transfer, and the potential for using blind enucleation of zona-free bovine oocytes in bovine cloning. At 15 h after the initiation of maturation (hpm), oocytes were freed from(More)
— Increasing adoption of FPGAs in digital switched-mode power supply (SMPS) control is driving significant interest in improved platforms for development and commercial deployment. A new methodology for high-level system design of SMPS controllers is proposed and developed commercially. The feasibility, validity and accuracy of the approach is evaluated(More)
The dynamics of in vitro development of reconstructed embryos of cattle after various electrofusion times was studied. The in vitro mature oocytes without zona pellucida enucleated using the touch method were taken as cytoplasts. Fetal fibroblasts were used as the nuclei source. Approximately 40% of embryos activated between 3 and 3.2 hours after(More)
Bovine embryos are reconstructed with the use of fetal fibroblasts as donors of nuclei and enucleated oocytes without the zona pellucida as recipients. The stages of electrofusion and in vitro culturing of embryos without the zone pellucida up to the blastocyst stage is perfected.
The content of mineral salts in all diseases of the skeleton has greater or less deviations from the norm. The change of the mineral content can be visually determined in routine roentgenograms when the deviation is not less than 20-30% from normal. This estimation has a great share of subjectivism. The optical density of the bone in roentgenogram(More)
—Automata-based approach is often used for developing complex systems. Model Checking is commonly used to check conformance of the system against its specification. However, verification techniques don't allow checking the system in whole, as system consists of not only the model, but also control objects, which are not suitable for model checking. In this(More)