Oleg Safronov

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For a large class of multi-dimensional Schrödinger operators it is shown that the absolutely continuous spectrum is essentially supported by [0, ∞). We require slow decay and mildly oscillatory behavior of the potential in a cone and can allow for arbitrary non-negative bounded potential outside the cone. In particular, we do not require the existence of(More)
acting in the space L 2 (R d). We study the relation between the behavior of V at the infinity and the properties of the negative spectrum of H. According to the Cwikel-Lieb-Rozenblum estimate [3], [23],[27] the number of negative eigenvalues of H satisfies the relation (1.1) N ≤ C V d/2 dx, d ≥ 3, where C is independent of V. Similar estimates hold in(More)
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