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We study the spectral properties of Jacobi matrices. By using " higher order " trace formulae we obtain a result relating the properties of the elements of Jacobi matrices and the corresponding spectral measures. Complicated expressions for traces of some operators can be magically simplified allowing us to apply induction arguments. Our theorems are(More)
For a large class of multi-dimensional Schrödinger operators it is shown that the absolutely continuous spectrum is essentially supported by [0, ∞). We require slow decay and mildly oscillatory behavior of the potential in a cone and can allow for arbitrary non-negative bounded potential outside the cone. In particular, we do not require the existence of(More)
1. In this short paper we extend the method of Laptev-Naboko-Safronov [15]. New estimates for the discrete spectrum obtained in this paper allow one to prove stronger results compared to [15]. The main technical tool of the paper [15] is the so called trace inequality, which relates properties of negative eigenvalues to the properties of the a.c. spectrum.(More)