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The taxa of the Lygephila lusoria (Linnaeus, 1758) species-group are revised. The genital features of all known taxa are described and illustrated with special reference to the structure of vesica. The male genitalia of L. pallida pallida (Bang-Haas, 1907) are described and illustrated for the first time. L. pallida subpicata (Wiltshire, 1971) is treated(More)
The name Athaumasta was introduced by Hampson (1906) as replacement for Thaumasta Staudinger, 1871 (nec. Gistl). Athaumasta is a small Bryophilinae genus found in southern Siberia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Russian Far East, Korea and China. By the male genitalia structure Athaumasta is very close to Victrix Staudinger and Bryophila Treitschke, but(More)
The genus Dyspessa is the largest genus of carpenter moths including 60 valid species, widely distributed in Western Palearctic, especially in Sahara desert, Minor Asia, Iran and Central Asia (Yakovlev 2011; 2015). Most of the species have a small distribution range, limited by mountain ranges or deserts (Yakovlev & Dubatolov 2013). The only known trophic(More)
A new tiger moth, Micrarctia kautti sp. n., from southwest China, Sichuan is described. A diagnostic comparison with Micrarctia trigona (Leech, 1899) is provided. During recent years the Chinese Arctiini have been intensively collected and explored (Dubatolov, 1996a; Dubatolov, 1996b; Dubatolov, 2003; Dubatolov, Kishida & Wu, 2005; Fang & Cao, 1984; Fang,(More)
The taxa of the Lygephilalubrica (Freyer, 1846) species complex are revised. The genital features of all known taxa are described and illustrated, with special reference to the structure of the vesica. Genitalia of Lygephilalubrica from different places in Russia, Central Asia and China are studied, illustrated and compared with different Mongolian(More)
A new species of Stenoloba from the olivacea species group, Stenoloba solaris, sp. n. (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae), is described from Yunnan, China. Illustrations of the male holotype and its genitalia are provided. A diagnostic comparison is made with Stenoloba albistriata Kononenko & Ronkay, 2000, Stenoloba olivacea (Wileman, 1914), and Stenoloba benedeki(More)
Twonew Eospilarctia species and one new subspecies from China, Myanmar and Vietnam, respectively, are described. Superficially the new species Eospilarctia maciaisp. n., Eospilarctia naumannisp. n. and Eospilarctia yuennanica fansipanassp. n. resemble related congeners but they can be distinguished by the differences in wing pattern, genitalia and(More)
The taxa of the Polymixis serpentina (Treitschke, 1825) species-group are revised. The external and genital features of all known taxa and a new species, Polymixis ivanchikisp. n. (Lebanon, Israel, Turkey and Iran) are described and illustrated. Polymixis serpentina iatnana Hacker, 1996, is treated here as a species distinct from Polymixis serpentina (stat.(More)