Oleg P. Sushkov

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A semi-empirical calculation of the 6s-7s Stark amplitude α in Cs has been performed using the most accurate measurements and calculations of the electromagnetic amplitudes available. This is then used to extract the parameters of the electroweak theory from experimental data. The results are: α = 269.0(1.3)a 3 0 , weak charge of Cs Q W = −72.41(25) exp(More)
We calculate exactly the vacuum polarization charge density in the field of a subcritical Coulomb impurity, Z|e|/r, in graphene. Our analysis is based on the exact electron Green's function, obtained by using the operator method, and leads to results that are exact in the parameter Zalpha, where alpha is the "fine-structure constant" of graphene. Taking(More)
We consider the Bose condensation of bosonic particles with spin 1/2. The condensation is driven by an external magnetic field. Our work is motivated by ideas of quantum critical deconfinement and bosonic spinons in spin liquid states. We show that both the nature of the novel Bose condensate and the excitation spectrum are fundamentally different from that(More)
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