Oleg N. Senkov

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We develop a strategy to design and evaluate high-entropy alloys (HEAs) for structural use in the transportation and energy industries. We give HEA goal properties for low (≤150 °C), medium (≤450 °C) and high (≥1,100 ° C) use temperatures. A systematic design approach uses palettes of elements chosen to meet target properties of each HEA family and gives(More)
Microstructure and phase composition of a CrMo 0.5 NbTa 0.5 TiZr high entropy alloy were studied in the as-solidified and heat treated conditions. In the as-solidified condition, the alloy consisted of two disordered BCC phases and an ordered cubic Laves phase. The BCC1 phase solidified in the form of dendrites enriched with Mo, Ta and Nb, and its volume(More)
Microstructure, phase composition and mechanical properties of a refractory high entropy superalloy, AlMo 0.5 NbTa 0.5 TiZr, are reported in this work. The alloy consists of a nano-scale mixture of two phases produced by the decomposition from a high temperature body-centered cubic (BCC) phase. The first phase is present in the form of cuboidal-shaped(More)
The postjunctional potentials and chronoinotropic reactions of the heart evoked by activation of multimodal neurons and/or left pallial nerve were investigated in three species of land pulmonates: Achatina fulica Ferrussac, Helix lucorum L., Arianta arbustorum L. Both spikes of giant homologous neurons (d-VLN, d-RPLN by A. fulica, command neurons of(More)
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