Oleg Medvedev

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Gene pool structure of Sakha Republic (Yakutia) native population has been studied: we defined composition and frequencies of Y-chromosome haplogroups for Yakuts. Six haplogroups: C3 x M77, C3c, N*, N2, N3a and R1a1 have been revealed in Yakut gene pool. A greater part of Y-chromosome in Yakut population belongs to N3a haplogroup (89%). All investigated(More)
GaN, GaN/AlGaN and GaN/InGaN-based structures were used to study water photoelectrolysis in KOH-based electrolyte, measurement of current-potential characteristics, investigation of electrode corrosion and for hydrogen generation. The corrosion process of p-n AlGaN/GaN structure starts in the p-layers, spreads via vertical channels associated with threading(More)
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