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Replication is used in distributed systems to improve availability and to increase throughput. The disadvantage of replication is the additional effort required to maintain consistency among replicas when serializing client operations. Fekete et al. [I] proposed the Eventually-Serializable Data Service (ESDS) that maintains replicated objects and allows the(More)
This thesis builds on the work of Fekete et al. ?], who deened an eventually-serializable data service (ESDS) and an abstract algorithm for it. ESDS allows its users to relax consistency requirements in return for improved responsiveness, while providing guarantees of eventual consistency of the replicated data. An important consideration in formulating(More)
This technical report contains seven final project reports contributed by sixteen participants in CMU’s Fall97 Systems Software introductory graduate course offered by professor Garth Gibson. This course studies the design and analysis of operating systems and distributed systems through a series of background lectures, paper readings, guest lectures and(More)
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