Oleg Kupervasser

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This paper deals with the error analysis of a novel navigation algorithm that uses as input the sequence of images acquired from a moving camera and a Digital Terrain (or Elevation) Map (DTM/DEM). More specifically, it has been shown that the optical flow derived from two consecutive camera frames can be used in combination with a DTM to estimate the(More)
We consider flame front propagation in channel geometries. The steady state solution in this problem is space dependent, and therefore the linear stability analysis is described by a partial integro-differential equation with a space dependent coefficient. Accordingly it involves complicated eigenfunctions. We show that the analysis can be performed to(More)
Bayes Classifiers are widely used currently for recognition, identification and knowledge discovery. The fields of application are, for example, image processing, medicine, chemistry (QSAR). However, by mysterious way the Naive Bayes Classifier usually gives a very nice and good presentation of recognition. More complex models of Bayes Classifier cannot(More)
We present four methods for recovering the epipolar geometry from images of smooth surfaces. In the existing methods for recovering epipolar geometry corresponding feature points are used that cannot be found in such images. The first method is based on finding corresponding characteristic points created by illumination (ICPM—illumination characteristic(More)
—The paper deals with the error analysis of a navigation algorithm that uses as input a sequence of images acquired by a moving camera and a Digital Terrain Map (DTM) of the region been imaged by the camera during the motion. The main sources of error are more or less straightforward to identify: camera resolution, structure of the observed terrain and DTM(More)
DHoPLLS (a web server that identifies closed loops, which constitute a structural basis for the protein domain hierarchy. The server was created in 2005 year on basis Prof. Trifonov's lab in Genome Diversity Center, Institute of Evolution at University of Haifa. It is based on theory of loop-lock structure developed by Prof. Trifonov's group in Weizmann(More)