Oleg Krupych

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Piezooptic coefficients of Sn<sub>2</sub>P<sub>2</sub>S<sub>6</sub> crystals are experimentally determined for and with the aid of interferometric technique. The components of the elastic stiffness tensor for these crystals are calculated on the basis of studies for the acoustic wave velocities. It is shown that estimated acoustooptic figure of merit can(More)
Interaction of acoustic and light waves with accounting for elastooptic and elastogyration effects is theoretically described. Collinear acoustogyration diffraction in quartz and paratellurite crystals is experimentally investigated and thoroughly analysed. Piezogyration effect is experimentally studied for TeO<sub>2</sub> crystals. The acoustogyration(More)
A new technique is suggested for determination of piezooptic coefficients, which represents a combination of digital imaging laser interferometry and a canonical four-point bending method. The design of interferometer, measurement procedures, and data processing are described in detail. Potentials of the present technique are tested on the example of widely(More)
A recently proposed technique representing a combination of digital imaging laser interferometry with a classical four-point bending method is applied to a canonical nonlinear optical crystal, LiNbO₃, to precisely determine a full matrix of its piezo-optic coefficients (POCs). The contribution of a secondary piezo-optic effect to the POCs is investigated(More)
In this work we present the results of comprehensive studies of the piezo-optic and elasto-optic effects in NaBi(MoO<sub>4</sub>)<sub>2</sub> crystals. The full matrices of the piezo-optic and elasto-optic coefficients for the NaBi(MoO<sub>4</sub>)<sub>2</sub> crystals are obtained for the first time, to the best of our knowledge. The acousto-optic effect(More)
Summary form only given. The photoelastic and acoustooptical parameters of Cs/sub 2/HgBr/sub 4/ and Cs/sub 2/CdBr/sub 4/ crystals are determined on the base of study of the thermal expansion, optical indicatrix rotation at ferroelastic phase transition and direct piezooptical measurements. It has been shown that Cs/sub 2/HgBr/sub 4/ and Cs/sub 2/CdBr/sub 4/(More)
A technique developed recently for determining piezo-optic coefficients (POCs) of isotropic optical media, which represents a combination of digital imaging laser interferometry and a classical four-point bending method, is generalized and applied to a single-crystalline anisotropic material. The peculiarities of measuring procedures and data processing for(More)
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