Oleg Ieremeiev

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Visual quality of color images is an important aspect in various applications of digital image processing and multimedia. A large number of visual quality metrics (indices) has been proposed recently. In order to assess their reliability, several databases of color images with various sets of distortions have been exploited. Here we present a new database(More)
This paper describes a recently created image database, TID2013, intended for evaluation of full-reference visual quality assessment metrics. With respect to TID2008, the new database contains a larger number (3000) of test images obtained from 25 reference images, 24 types of distortions for each reference image, and 5 levels for each type of distortion.(More)
Graphical information as color images is widely used in CAD and telecommunication systems. Several factors can contribute to impair the quality of an image. This paper deals with image visual quality assessment using objective metrics. Experimental results show that the two modified quality metrics outperform existing ones for a wide set of possible(More)
Specialized image databases like TID2013, allow quantitative evaluation of adequateness to human perception characterized by mean opinion score (MOS) and a verified full-reference visual quality metric using certain criterions such as rank order correlation coefficients (ROCC). In this paper, we propose modifications of known Spearman and Kendall ROCCs that(More)
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