Oleg Iegorov

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Performing experiments that involve a large amount of resources or a complex conguration, proves to be a hard task. We present Expo, which is a tool for conducting experiments on distributed platforms. First, the tool is described along with the concepts of resource and task sets, which abstracts away some of the complexity in the manage of resources and(More)
  • Oleg Iegorov
  • 2015 International Conference on Embedded…
  • 2015
One of the greatest challenges in the embedded systems area is to empower software developers with tools that speed up the debugging of QoS properties in applications. Typical streaming applications, such as multimedia (audio/video) decoding, fulfill the QoS properties by respecting the real-time deadlines. A perfectly functional application, when missing(More)
Modern systems are growing in complexity beyond deep comprehension of developers. Increasing difficulties of keeping software projects on schedule and increasing recall rates are symptoms of this development. Consequently, developers need new methods and tools to build embedded systems, such as tools that dynamically analyze systems and recover(More)
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