Oleg I. Velikokhatnyi

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3D printing of various biomaterials including titanium and stainless steel has been studied for treating patients with cranio-maxillofacial bone defect. The potential long term complications with use of inert biometals have opened the opportunities for use of biodegradable metals in the clinical arena. The authors previously reported that binder-jet 3D(More)
In the present study, the density functional theory implemented in the Vienna Ab-initio Simulation Package has been used to investigate the alloying effects of different elements of calcium, zinc, yttrium, aluminum and iron when introduced in the Mg crystal lattice. In particular, studies have been conducted to investigate the thermodynamics of the overall(More)
Identification of low cost, highly active, durable completely noble metal-free electro-catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells, oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in PEM based water electrolysis and metal air batteries remains one of the major unfulfilled scientific and technological challenges of PEM based(More)
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