Oleg Gusyatin

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A method called “SymbolDesign” is proposed that can be used to design user-centered interfaces for pen-based input devices. It can also extend the functionality of pointer input devices, such as the traditional computer mouse or the Camera Mouse, a camera-based computer interface. Users can create their own interfaces by choosing single-stroke movement(More)
We describe a general method for extending any pointer input device with an arbitrary set of commands. The proposed interface can be trained by the user to recognize certain cursor movement patterns and interpret them as special input events. Methods for extraction and recognition of such patterns are general enough to work with low-precision pointing(More)
72 Background: Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) have clinical value in cancer diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment prediction. The On-Q-ity Microfluidic Chip (OnQchip) with a gradient design has the advantage of dual size and affinity capture resulting in increased efficiency. Accurately detecting and classifying these rare captured cells in patient blood(More)
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