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“Re-Fighting the Civil War”: Second Lieutenant Mikhail Aleksandrovich Gubanov
This article sets out to present a biography of Second Lieutenant Mikhail Aleksandrovich Gubanov, a Russian White emigrant. After surviving the Civil War in Russia, Gubanov spent many years in exile
The Soviet Union
‘Iron Cross of the Wrangel’s Army’: Russian Emigrants as Interpreters in the Wehrmacht
This article is based on little-known sources and unpublished documents and traces the fates of some White Army veterans, who during WWII served in the German Army, holding a rank of sonderführer.
‘Wehrmacht Eastern Tours’: Bulgarian Officers on the German-Soviet Front, 1941–1942
ABSTRACT Although Bulgaria was inducted into the Axis, the country managed craftily to avoid sending military contingents against Soviet Russia. Instead, the Bulgarian army sent multiple groups of
‘Rediscovering Homeland’: Russian Interpreters in the Wehrmacht, 1941–1943
  • Oleg Beyda
  • History
    Communication, Interpreting and Language in…
  • 2019
The German-Soviet War demonstrated that the invading language specialists could be of the same ethnic origin and cultural background as those being occupied. This was the case for a few thousand
‘La Grande Armeé in Field Gray’: The Legion of French Volunteers Against Bolshevism, 1941
ABSTRACT This article has been compiled on the basis of documents from French, German, and Soviet archives and reconstructs the history of the Legion of French Volunteers Against Bolshevism (LVF) in