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Study of reproductive function in simulating experiments is important as for expansion of our theoretical knowledge in the field of gravitational physiology and space biology and for the decision of applied problems in space and clinical medicine. Long-term bed rest in a head-down tilt--6 degrees (BRHDT)--antiorthostatic hypokinesia is a wide spread method(More)
(REAL) is a cooperative venture between the University of Illinois and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago focusing on the development and use of analytical models for urban and regional economic development. The purpose of the Discussion Papers is to circulate intermediate and final results of this research among readers within and outside REAL. The(More)
12 autopsy cases of primary hemochromatosis were studied: 11 males (aged between 29 and 69 years, mean age 51 years) and 1 57-year-old female. Clinical course in 6 patients ran with predominant liver damage to the small nodule or was of biliary cirrhosis type, in 3 cases main manifestation was diabetes mellitus and in 3 cases cardiomyopathy. Generalized(More)
The review summarizes the results of the state-of-the-art studies of hemochromatosis (HC): iron-regulatory genes (HFE, HJV, HAMP, TFR2, SLC40A1) have been discovered; the HC types caused by mutations in these genes (types 1, 2, 3, and 4 in the OMIM register) have been identified; the inflammation anemia (IA) mediator - the polypeptide hepatic hormone(More)
Apudoma was found in the gall bladder removed in a 76-year-old woman because of the chronic calculous cholecystitis exacerbation. Carcinoid syndrome was absent clinically. Histologically, the tumour was a poorly differentiated carcinoid with areas of small cell and polymorphic carcinoma. Argyrophilic Pasquale reaction in the tumour cells was negative,(More)
Presented are data of the follow-up (about 30 years maximum) of cosmonauts (n = 36, main group) and candidates to cosmonauts (n = 65, control) who were also subjected to the systematic medical certification over the whole period in the corps of cosmonauts. Analysis of the data on morbidity, body mass, physiological and biochemical parameters (BP, lipid and(More)
Problems of adaptation of functional systems of the human body to conditions of continuous weightlessness are considered (prolonged stay under conditions of antiorthostatic hypokinesia and in an immersion medium). It was revealed that, during adaptation to these conditions, polymorphic clinicofunctional disorders develop, transforming into(More)