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The effect of rapid freeze-thawing on the structural rearrangement of integral and peripheral membrane proteins was studied using fluorescent spectroscopy. It was discovered that a long wave shift occurred in the fluorescence spectra of cytochrome P450, both in solution and within phospholipid vesicles. The efficiency of quenching of membrane-bound(More)
BACKGROUND Glucose oxidase enzyme may be a suitable model for studying the effect of low temperatures on structural and functional properties of biomacromolecules. OBJECTIVE The research aim was to study the freeze-thawing effect on glucose oxidase isolated and immobilized by cross-linking with glutaraldehyde METHODS Effects of freezing rates on(More)
Aqueous-saline human placenta extract (HPE) is known to possess antioxidant activity due to the high concentration of bioactive substances. This fact allows its application in clinical practice in order to treat oxidation-induced diseases. Extract antioxidant activity is mainly conditioned by proteins. Freezing of extracts has been shown to lead to their(More)
The influence of the follicle size, rapid freezing to -196 degrees capital ES, Cyrillic and cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen within a period of one month of the human ovary follicular fluid (FF) on its dielectric properties is studied by the microwave dielectric method. The FF was obtained from dominant follicles of patients who received treatment for(More)
The fundamentals of a photometry method for determination of membrane permeability of some fish spermatozoa for water molecules are presented. Osmotic tolerance of carp spermatozoa membranes was studied using EPR-spectroscopy and photometric analysis methods. It was shown that carp spermatozoa look like the ideal osmometers in their reaction on media of(More)
The influence of the freezing velocities and final temperatures of storage on the complex dielectric permittivity of cord blood serum have been studied. On the temperature dependences of the dielectric permittivity the non-monotonous changes at the characteristic temperatures accompanying with the change of the activation energy of the water molecules(More)
Experimental data are presented which were obtained under comparative evaluation of influence of different freezing-thawing conditions on antioxidant properties of isolated proteins: human serum albumin, cytochrome c from the horse heart and glucose oxidase from Aspergillus niger. The observed protein antioxidant activity alterations are assumed to be a(More)
EPR spin-probe method was used to investigate the dependence of erythrocyte cytosol microviscosity (ECM) on the concentration of different substances and temperature. The critical ECM value has been determined after reaching of which erythrocytes become destroyed. It is shown that this ECM value is reached at different NaCl concentrations depending on the(More)