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The purpose of the present investigation was to determine the long-term prognosis of autotransplanted premolars with respect to tooth survival and pulpal healing. The material consisted of 195 patients aged 7 to 35 years, with a total of 370 autotransplanted premolars with observation period ranged from 1 to 13 years. Teeth transplanted with incomplete and(More)
Using histochemical and immunohistochemical methods, we examined specimens of candidal leukoplakia from the oral mucosa of 5 smokers to determine the morphological relationships between Candida and Langerhans cells (LC) in tissue sections. LC were fairly evenly distributed in control sections, but had a patchy distribution in lesions. Fewer LC were found in(More)
The effect of cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees C for 1 week was studied by histometric analysis of 60 mature teeth replanted in 10 green Vervet monkeys. The effect of preincubation in enriched tissue culture medium was also investigated. 2 different freezing rates were compared, and the effect of stepwise equilibration of DMSO was studied(More)
One hundred and eighteen premolars transplanted at a stage with 3/4 to 4/4 root development with a wide open apical foramen were followed with standardized clinical and radiographic techniques for signs of pulpal and periodontal ligament healing and root development. Pulp healing, evaluated first by radiographic presence of pulp canal obliteration, appeared(More)
BDNF-induced signaling is essential for the development of the central nervous system and critical for plasticity in adults. Mature BDNF signals through TrkB, while its precursor proBDNF employs p75(NTR), resulting in activation of signaling cascades with opposite effects on neuronal survival, growth cone decisions, and synaptic plasticity. Accordingly,(More)
Avulsed and lost anterior teeth are common in young people. Using autotransplantation, it is possible to move problems in dental arches to regions where they are more easy to solve orthodontically. Transplantation of premolars with three-quarter root formation or full root formation with wide-open apical foramina provides the best prognosis for long-term(More)
The effect of resection of the apical part of the root before replantation upon periodontal and pulpal healing was studied in 7 green Vervet monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops) using teeth with incomplete and complete root formation. Maxillary central incisors, mandibular lateral incisors and first and second mandibular molars were used in this experiment. On(More)
Based on an analysis of the literature concerning parameters influencing the prognosis of traumatic dental injuries, few studies were found to have examined possible relationships between treatment delay and pulpal and periodontal ligament healing complications. It has been commonly accepted that all injuries should be treated on an emergency basis, for the(More)
PURPOSE A systematic review was performed to find evidence for prophylactic administration of antibiotics in relation to treatment of maxillofacial fractures. METHODS Four studies were retrieved that fulfilled most of the requirements of being randomized controlled clinical trials. RESULTS An analysis of these studies showed a 3-fold decrease in the(More)