Ole Melteig

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When performing vehicle crash tests, it is common to capture high frame rate video (HFR) to observe the vehicle motion during the impact. Such videos contain a lot of information, especially when it comes to geometric data. The yaw and roll angles from the HFR video is detected by using the Hough Transform and Matlab's Image processing Toolbox. The measured(More)
In the car industry, the Finite Element Method (FEM) is being more and more used to analyze the crashworthiness performance of vehicles. In order to validate the results, these impact simulations are normally compared with real crash footage and acceleration data. This paper studies the deformation- and energy output of a simple dummy model during a(More)
In this paper mathematical modelling of a vehicle crash test based on a single mass is studied. The models under consideration consist of a single mass, a spring and/or a damper. They are constructed according to the measured vehicle speed before the collision and measured vehicle accelerations in three directions at the centre of gravity. A new model of(More)
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