Ole K. Jensen

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Due to overlapping frequency bands, IEEE 802.11a WLAN and Ultra Wide-Band systems potentially suffer from mutual interference problems. This paper proposes a method for inserting frequency notches into the IR-UWB power spectrum to ensure compatibility with WLAN systems. In contrast to conventional approaches where complicated waveform equations are used,(More)
This paper presents a new test fixture with associated deembedding procedure for effecient and accurate on-wafer device measurements at microwave frequencies. The fixture is based on a substrate shield and (i) provides an accurate common ground for N-port measurements, (ii) effectively reduces substrate carried coupling, (iii) gives well-defined parasitics(More)
This paper studies the wideband limit (WBL) of a GaN RF power amplifier (PA). The WBL study is achieved by a PA characterization using two-tone measurements. The characterization method allows to identify the dependency of PA memory effects on the two-tone frequency spacing. PA memory effects (MEs) are measured using the opening in the AM/AM and AM/PM(More)
The coupling effects between two adjacent co-planar spiral inductors are characterized in two cases, one where no guard structure is used and one where simple guard-rings are used. In addition, the effect of guard-rings is evaluated at different distances (190 /spl mu/m to 1090 /spl mu/m) between inductors. The model traditionally used to predict this(More)