Ole I. Hougaard

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We define a family of constraints over the domain of regular terms. This family is built by extending equality with general constraints over root labels. We say that the resulting constraints are hybrid. Under the assumption that these constraints are stable with respect to a partial ordering we give an efficient constraint solver for hybrid constraints. We(More)
Thesis Many type inference problems are different instances of the same constraint satisfaction problem. That is, there is a class of constraints so that these type inference problems can be reduced to the problem of finding a solution to a set of constraints. Furthermore, there is an efficient constraint solving algorithm which can find this solution in(More)
Languages based on variations of the lambda calculus are designed to permit the slick, uniication-based technique for type inference, which is by now a well-established discipline. Other widely used languages have been created less by design and more by coincidence and compromise. It seems therefore that the question of type inference for such languages(More)
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