Ole Hjort Jensen

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Evaluation of the medial hamstring reflex (MHR) was included in the routine neurological examination of 52 hospitalized patients with a suspected lumbar disc protrusion. The MHR was tested in the supine patient with the hip slightly flexed, externally rotated and abducted. The ipsilateral knee was semiflexed and supported by one of the examiner's hands. The(More)
Sensibility and motor power were prospectively tested in 52 consecutive hospitalized patients with a lower lumbar disc herniation, verified by operation. The test results were noted in a decision matrix, and the positive and negative predictive values were calculated. The positive predictive value of disturbed sensation in the L5 dermatome, paresis of(More)
A new functional test using downhill walking is described and evaluated in relation to the myelographical examination in 23 consecutive patients with neurogenic intermittent claudication. Discomfort and changes of the neurological status, emerging during the walk, were accepted as test results. They were noted in a decision matrix and the positive and the(More)
It is stated that in Denmark approximately 20% of the Danish population complains of chronic pain - i.e. pain lasting more than six months. Seen in the light of the Conceptual Model (Neuromatrix theory) by Ronald. D. Melzack and the concept that chronic pain is bio-psycho-social in origin, three categories of chronic pain patients can be set forth: It is(More)
The effect of 20 mg tenoxicam once daily for 7 days on various components of the fibrinolytic system was studied in 10 healthy volunteers. Plasma plasminogen, antithrombin 3, and prekallikrein decreased significantly while plasma plasminogen activator inhibitor increased significantly. The medication did not affect fibrin plate lysis area or the plasma(More)
Auto-immunohaemolytic anaemia is a very unusual complication during long-term treatment with ibuprofen. In order to detect the haemolytic antibodies involved, serum and erythrocytes from 87 patients were investigated after continuous treatment with an average daily dose of 1337 mg ibuprofen for some 6-47 months. Eight patients showed a weak or(More)