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We consider a parallel method for finding the global minimum (and all of the global minimizers) of a continuous non-linear function f : D → R, where D is an n-dimensional interval. The method combines one of the well known branch-and-bound interval search methods of Skelboe, Moore and Hansen with a real-valued optimization method. Initially we use a(More)
An interval extension of a function written in the centered form or the mean value form offers a second order approximation to the range of values of the function over an interval. However, the two forms differ with respect to inclusion monotonicity; the mean value form is inclusion monotone while the centered form is not. This is demonstrated in the(More)
Information about a value is frequently best expressed with an interval. Frequently also, information is best expressed with a probability density function. We extend automatically verified numerical inference to include combining operands when both are intervals, both are probability density functions, or one is an interval and the other a probability(More)
In this paper we describe the intentions, the design and functionality of an Acousmatic Composition Environment that allows children or musical novices to educate their auditory curiosity by recording, manipulating and mixing sounds of everyday life. The environment consists of three stands: A stand for sound recording with a soundproof box that ensure good(More)
Imine Abdessamad Johan Aberg Gregory Abowd Johnny Accot Mark Ackerman Brian Amento Elske Ammenwerth Susan Anderson Mark Apperley Caroline Appert Shlomo Argamon Holly Arrow Chieko Asakawa Helen Ashman Daniel Avrahami Chris Baber Jeremy Bailenson Brian Bailey Ravin Balakrishnan Jakob Bardram Armando Baretto Len Bass Remi Bastide Patrick Baudisch Russell Beale(More)
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