Ole B. Jensen

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Two male patients with severe reversible muscle weakness and excessive potassium deficiency associated with alkalosis during treatment with diuretics are presented. The case reports are further illustrated by the morphologic changes as seen in light and electron microscopic examination of muscle biopsies. Hypokalemia and muscle dysfunction are discussed in(More)
While swept source optical coherence tomography (OCT) in the 1050 nm range is promising for retinal imaging, there are certain challenges. Conventional semiconductor gain media have limited output power, and the performance of high-speed Fourier domain mode-locked (FDML) lasers suffers from chromatic dispersion in standard optical fiber. We developed a(More)
BACKGROUND The human lens is continuously exposed to high levels of light. Ultraviolet radiation is believed to play a causative role in the development of cataract. In vivo, however, the lens is mainly exposed to visible light and the ageing lens absorbs a great part of the short wavelength region of incoming visible light. The aim of the present study was(More)
A high-power narrow-linewidth laser system based on a tapered semiconductor optical amplifier in external cavity is demonstrated. The external cavity laser system uses a new tapered amplifier with a super-large optical-cavity (SLOC) design that leads to improved performance of the external cavity diode lasers. The laser system is tunable over a 29 nm range(More)
This paper describes a study of the effect of a human interactive robot placed in an urban transit space. The underlying hypothesis is that it is possible to create interesting new living spaces and induce value in terms of experiences, information or economics, by putting socially interactive mobile agents into public urban transit area. To investigate the(More)
For the first time a single-pass frequency doubled DBR-tapered diode laser suitable for pumping Ti:sapphire lasers generating ultrashort pulses is demonstrated. The maximum output powers achieved when pumping the Ti:sapphire laser are 110 mW (CW) and 82 mW (mode-locked) respectively at 1.2 W of pump power. This corresponds to a reduction in optical(More)
Tunable dual-wavelength operation of a diode laser system based on a tapered diode amplifier with double-Littrow external-cavity feedback is demonstrated around 800 nm. The two wavelengths can be tuned individually, and the frequency difference of the two wavelengths is tunable from 0.5 to 5.0 THz. An output power of 1.54 W is achieved with a frequency(More)
We have accomplished deep tissue optical imaging of upconverting nanoparticles at 800 nm, using millisecond single pulse excitation with high peak power. This is achieved by carefully choosing the pulse parameters, derived from time-resolved rate-equation analysis, which result in higher intrinsic quantum yield that is utilized by upconverting nanoparticles(More)
This paper presents a full-scale experiment investigating the use of human motion intensities as input for interactive illumination of a town square in the city of Aalborg in Denmark. As illuminators sixteen 3.5 meter high RGB LED lamps were used. The activity on the square was monitored by three thermal cameras and analysed by computer vision software from(More)
We present results on a 404 nm laser system based on second harmonic generation in a new compact external cavity configuration. We obtain a stable 318 mW cw diffraction limited output from the system with a mode-matched pump power of 630 mW. We observe up to 620 mW SHG, when the cavity is operating in scanning mode. The pump source is an external cavity(More)