Oldřich Chloupek

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Root system size (RSS) was measured in 12 diverse barley genotypes and 157 double-haploid lines (DHs), using electric capacitance. The parents of the DHs, Derkado and B83-12/21/5, carry different semi-dwarfing genes, sdw1 and ari-e.GP, respectively. Estimates of RSS were taken in the field thrice during plant development: stem elongation (RSS1), heading(More)
This paper extends an earlier one5. The relationship between electrical capacitance of a plant root system (C) and size (weight, volume, surface) of the root system (x) can be expressed by equation of the line $$C = a + bx$$ ifa equals size of parasitic capacitance of measurement, i.e. capacitance of soil, wires,etc. andb equals regression coefficient(More)
Most agronomy practices such as fertilization, irrigation, and soil treatment involve plant root interactions. However, the role of plant roots is rarely assessed during agricultural experiments due to the lack of suitable methods. Plant varieties with a larger root system use soil water and nutrients in dry environments more effectively than varieties with(More)
Wheat is a major source of protein for human food, a critical issue at a time when mankind is growing by 77 million people per year. Wheat was domesticated approximately 10,000 years ago and has been systematically bred for about 200 years. However, this breeding selection has been done using only aerial plant parts. Indeed, wheat roots, the hidden half of(More)
Adaptability is defined as the ability of a crop (or variety) to respond positively to changes in agricultural conditions. The trait is genetically controlled and provides an ability to exploit environmental attributes, both natural and agronomic. Values of relative adaptability can be determined by the regression of the yield of the tested crop over the(More)
When examining plants of white mustard (Sinapis alba L.), a significant relationship between the size of the roots and the yield was found, both in a pot experiment and in a field one. The yield was influenced by the size of the root system during and after flowering time. Especially the number of seeds has increased, and the average weight of seeds showed(More)
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