Olayinka Olufunmi Ayankogbe

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BACKGROUND Health-care systems based on primary health care (PHC) are more equitable and cost effective. Family medicine trains medical doctors in comprehensive PHC with knowledge and skills that are needed to increase quality of care. Family medicine is a relatively new specialty in sub-Saharan Africa. OBJECTIVE To explore the extent to which the(More)
INTRODUCTION Obesity is a global epidemic. There are rising rates of obesity and its associated disorders, especially in developing countries, including among Health Service Providers (HSPs). Obesity is associated with early retirement, increased morbidity and mortality. Thus, obesity has the potential of reducing long-term retention of HSPs in inadequately(More)
Determinants of young people's sexual behaviour concerning HIV and AIDS in the practice population of a university health centre Background: AIDS has been a scourge of universities in Africa for a long time. This study was launched at ground-level to fight the dreaded disease by concentrating on young people and to counter the ignorance that surrounds the(More)
Background: In optimising the health of individuals, families and communities, attention should be focused on the clinical processes at medical facilities based in the community. Networks of general and family practices offer this unique opportunity. In establishing the burden of diseases in a community, the traditional classifi cation used is the(More)
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