Olayemi M. Olaniyi

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The primary goal of every voting system is to ensure that electorate vote counts therefore, electronic democratic governance that provides a transparent and trusted election is needed. The traditional method of voting involves the use of physical paper ballot to casts vote. This is susceptible to time wasting procedures, ballot snatching, lacks voter(More)
Security is generally a state or feeling of being saved and protected, an assurance that something of value will not be taken. This paper employs two of the emerging artificial intelligence technologies: Facial Recognition and Artificial Neural Networks for developing a secure keyless door where authentication of authorized faces are the only guarantee for(More)
Over the years, several security measures have been employed to combat the menace of insecurity of lives and property. This is done by preventing unauthorized entrance into buildings through entrance doors using conventional and electronic locks, discrete access code, and biometric methods such as the finger prints, thumb prints, the iris and facial(More)
In most developing countries, electoral processes preceding democratic governance is characterized with high rate of fraudulent practices ranging from stolen of ballots, falsification of vote counts or rigging, improper voting and votes lost through invalid ballot marks due to ignorance and inadequate prior awareness and negligence. In this paper, we(More)
This paper proffers cost-effective incubators for bird eggs hatching in Nigeria. Four models of bird eggs incubators were highlighted using three different phases of incubation technologies. Model one, a still-air, oil lamp incubator is developed to incubate considerable few numbers of eggs, while model two, a semi-electric forced-air, oil lamp incubator(More)
Home/office automation is currently a new growing field in Science: The goal of this automation is controlling the house elements lights, fans, air conditioner in order to save energy and raise the quality of living. In this project in order to make life easier some smart home applications are designed. In this project Home/office automation is done using(More)
The issue of financial fraud is taking different dimensions in various countries due to rise in fraud enabling factors emanating from internal and external challenges. The internal challenges from unemployment rate depend on overpopulation, poor standard of living and nature of existing leadership of government. Recent advancement in modern technology and(More)
Microcontroller system is one of the vital subjects offered by students during the sequence of study in universities and other colleges of science, engineering and technology in the world. In this paper, we solve the problem of student comprehension and skill development in embedded system design using microcontroller chip PIC16F887 by demonstration of(More)
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