Olavo B. Gonçalves

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We report 4 pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy patients in which good outcome was determined in three. The 4 patients were male and aged from 7 to 24 years old (from three unrelated Caucasian families). A clinical diagnosis of neonatal pyridoxine-dependent epilepsy was confirmed by biochemical and genetic studies. Clinical evaluation was performed and medical(More)
INTRODUCTION Attention and executive functions correspond to important areas of cognitive functioning associated with the frontal cortex. The study of attention and executive functions in children with epilepsy has focused on characterizing the group with frontal lobe epilepsy. Still, recent studies have identified deficits in these areas also in children(More)
Introducción Una de las funciones que pueden alterarse en las per­ sonas con epilepsia es la atención [1­4], indepen­ dientemente del nivel de las funciones intelectuales [5]. También son frecuentes las quejas por falta de atención por parte de padres y profesores de los pa­ cientes con epilepsia [6]. Se calcula que la tercera parte de los niños epilépticos(More)
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