Olav Landsverk

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PARALLEL COMPUTER AP1000 J Torresen1=2, S Mori1, H Nakashima1, S Tomita1, O Landsverk2 1Kyoto University, Japan 2The Norwegian Institute of Technology, Norway ABSTRACT During the last years, several neurocomputers have been developed, but still general purpose computers are an alternative to these special purpose computers. This paper describes a mapping of(More)
| This paper describes several algorithms, mapping the back propagation learning algorithm onto a large 2-D torus architecture. To obtain high speedup, we have suggested an approach to combine the possible parallel aspects (training set parallelism, node parallelism and pipelining of training patterns) of the algorithm. Several algorithms were implemented(More)
This paper describes a scheme for mapping the back propagation algorithm onto an MIMD computer with 2D-torus network. We propose a new strategy that allows arbitrary assignment of processors to the multiple degrees of back propagation parallelism (training set parallelism, pipelining and node parallelism). Thus, the method allows a exible mapping that ts(More)
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